danube@work (Research, 2018-2019)

Different sectors are expected to have different effects in connection with the future digitization processes. In this research project, it should therefore be ascertained to what extent the sectors automotive, IT, finance, trade and tourism are affected. The planned contents of the research project focus on the following questions:

  • Effects of digitization on jobs / occupations
  • Effects on teaching and skilled worker training as well as continuing education developments in new forms of employment
  • Use of platforms for the provision of services, etc. (to reduce or promote platforms as a tool in informal work?)
  • Effects of digitization on workers: autonomy vs. control / monitoring
  • Impact of digitization on the role of interest groups

All research questions are dealt with for Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Austria. Methodologically, in addition to literature and data analyses, qualitative interviews (experts and companies) and an online survey at company level are used.

Team: Nadja Bergmann, Barbara Willsberger

External Team: Nicolas Pretterhofer

Client: Austrian Federation of Trade Unions (ÖGB)

Status: finished