Feasibility study of a career development centre in Libya (Research, 2016)

Against the background of its as yet unfinished transformation, the Libyan economy and state are facing great challenges. This is especially true for the field of labour, which in the old system was largely based on the employment of foreign skilled workers. In the future, the majority of these skilled workers will have to be replaced with Libyan workers. Investment in infrastructure and housing constructions will be crucial in this respect.

This undertaking raises the need to offer relevant vocational training in an effort to ensure the appropriate qualifications of the potential Libyan workforce, thereby also reducing the extremely high adolescent unemployment rate.

Following the example of some South European countries, a career development centre will be set up in Libya which will follow the model of dual education and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce.

The aim of the feasibility study is to analyse the framework conditions and the specific preconditions for the creation of a career development centre in Libya and will cover the following thematic areas:

  • Social and political framework conditions

  • Development and problems of the labour markets in Libya

  • Situation of the construction sector in Libya and relevance of a career development centre

  • Demand for skilled workers in other occupational sectors

  • Situation of vocational training in Libya and possibilities of cooperation

  • Institutions that are relevant for the creation, securing and ownership of a career development centre in the construction sector

  • Technical, methodological and organisational focuses of a future career development centre

  • Legal framework

  • Potential funding: possibilities and opportunities regarding the formation of a consortium of Austrian investors

  • Activities of the donor community in the field of vocational training and labour market policy

  • Sustainability and risk estimation

Team: Walter Reiter

Client: Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Status: planned