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Industry 4.0 - Work 4.0 - Gender 4.0 (Research, 2017) --no downloads--
Study on integrated delivery of social services aiming at the activation of minimum income recipients in the labour market - success factors and reform pathways (Research, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
ESF implementation concept 'gender equality' within ESF-OP 2014-2020 (Consulting, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming within the FTI-strategy? Innovative Vienna 2020? (Consulting, 2016-2017) --no downloads--
Labour market policy measures für the Austrian-Moldovan cooperation within the construction industry (Consulting, 2016) --no downloads--
Educational Situation of Young Women in Trades and Technical Vocations (Research, 2015-2017) EB_Frauen_in_Handwerk_und_Technik_L&R_Endfassung.pdfEB_Frauen_in_Handwerk_und_Technik_L&R_Endfassung.pdf
Multifunctional centers within the Albanian vocational training (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Building Capacities in the Danube Region (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Operational conditions and reconciliation - a contradiction in itself? (Article, 2014) --no downloads--
“Finnish Youth Guarantee. – What May Be Inspiring to Austria?“ (Research, 2014) Summary_table_youth_guarantee_in_European_countries.pdfSummary_table_youth_guarantee_in_European_countries.pdf
Feasibility study of a building academy in Albania (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Consulting for the Albanian Institute for Economic Promotion (reporting, calculation, accounting) (Consulting, 2014) --no downloads--
Quality assessment to the designation procedure according to Regulation (EU) 1303-2013 – Article 123f (Development, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Support with the clarification of documents from job seeking clients of states of the former Yugoslavia (Consulting, 2013-2016) --no downloads--
Skills forecasting –reverting negative trends in skills and jobs matching (Research, 2013-2014) Prijelom_DE.pdfPrijelom_DE.pdf
Workshop: Gender Mainstreaming at the Austrian Patent Office (Workshop, 2013) --no downloads--
Measures to increase client satisfaction at selected regional branch offices of the Public Employment Service Vienna (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
Pilot project: Gender Mainstreaming at the Austrian Patent Office (Research, 2012-2013) --no downloads--
Process monitoring and establishment of the ESF Programme in Austria 2014-2020 (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
Analysis of five National Reform Programmes 2012 regarding the Pursuit of the Union’s Gender Equality Objectives (Consulting, 2012) pe462510_en_FINAL_REPORT.pdfpe462510_en_FINAL_REPORT.pdf
Creating an online cross-border commuting brochure for the Austrian-German border regions (Consulting, 2011) --no downloads--
Collection of examples for a better integration of the vocational orientation and information within schools (Report, 2010) Bericht_internationale_Good-Practice_BO_BI.pdfBericht_internationale_Good-Practice_BO_BI.pdf
Austrian-Slovenian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2010-2014) --no downloads--
Training programme Vojvodina (Consulting, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Training network Belgrade (Consulting, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Improvement of the Staff Qualification for Survey, Evaluation and Prognosis of Employer’s Qualification Requirements and Requirements of Whole Regions (Research, 2010-2012) --no downloads--
Compendium. Good practice examples in promoting diversity and implementing antidiscrimination measures in the labour market (Consulting, 2010) ENG_Compendium.pdfENG_Compendium.pdf
European Employment Policy Observatory - SYSDEM Expert (Consulting, 2009-2015) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Czech Expert Academy (Consulting, 2009-2012) --no downloads--
Lake Neusiedl tourism network model region (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Austrian-Croatian labour market cooperation 2009 - 2010 (Consulting, 2009-2010) D-Barbara_Willsberger.pdfD-Barbara_Willsberger.pdf
Employment policy networking in the framework of the project Supra-regional employment initiative Vienna-Bratislava (Consulting, 2009-2011) --no downloads--
KOOP AT-RO: Cooperation on Labour Market Policy between Austria and Romania 2009-2011 (Consulting, 2009-2011) --no downloads--
Supervision and support of the establishment of a nationwide labour market policy programme for the disabled for 2010-2011 (Consulting, 2009) --no downloads--
Tourism card as cross-border cooperation project between Austria and Slovenia (Consulting, 2009-2011) Konferenzprogramm_Deutsch.pdfKonferenzprogramm_Deutsch.pdf
Qualification network Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Consulting, 2009) --no downloads--
The Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2008-2014) Imagefolder_EXPAK_AT.HU.pdfImagefolder_EXPAK_AT.HU.pdf
World Heritage Region Bad Goisern, Gosau, Hallstatt, Obertraun (Consulting, 2008-2014) --no downloads--
Croatia working group: Capacity Building Employment Service (Consulting, 2008) --no downloads--
Conceptualisation of Disability Flexicurity Pilot (Research, 2008) --no downloads--
Training of labour administration personnel in the Republic of Cyprus (Consulting, 2008) --no downloads--
Gender expert report for the project \'The changing face of disability\' (Consulting, 2008-2009) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Slovak Expert Academy (Consulting, 2008-2011) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Slovak Experts Academy (Consulting, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Ongoing Evaluation - PISA INNOVATIV 2007-2008 (Research, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Austrian-Slovenian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Gender mainstreaming in the framework of the research, technology and innovation strategy of the city of Vienna (Consulting, 2006-2007) --no downloads--
GeM-InfoLetter \"Gender Pay Gap\" (Infoletter, 2006) GeM-InfoLetter_15_2006.pdfGeM-InfoLetter_15_2006.pdf
Gender Mainstreaming at the polytechnical colleges in Vienna (Consulting, 2006) HANDBUCHGMFHWIEN_Endversion_1.pdfHANDBUCHGMFHWIEN_Endversion_1.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter \"Time for Women - Time for Men\" (Infoletter, 2006) GeM_Infoletter_Nr_17_2006.pdfGeM_Infoletter_Nr_17_2006.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter \"Gainful Employment and Caring\" (Infoletter, 2006) --no downloads--
EQUAL Development Partnership: Space!lab (Consulting, 2005-2007) space!lab_folder.pdfspace!lab_folder.pdf
Ongoing evaluation of the EQUAL Development Partnership \"spurwechsel\" (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
Ongoing evaluation of the EQUAL Development Partnership \"Generation 19+\" (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
Support with the implementation of the Gender Mainstreaming strategy in the equal partnership Pro-Fit Lower Austria (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
GeM-InfoLetter "Gender related segregation" (Infoletter, 2005) GeM_InfoLetter_Nr_14_2005.pdfGeM_InfoLetter_Nr_14_2005.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "Lifelong Learning and GM" (Infoletter, 2005) GeM_InfoLetter_Nr_13_2005.pdfGeM_InfoLetter_Nr_13_2005.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "Gender Budgeting 2" (Infoletter, 2005) GeM_InfoLetter_Nr_12_2005.pdfGeM_InfoLetter_Nr_12_2005.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "Diversity" (Infoletter, 2005) GeM_InfoLetter_11_2005.pdfGeM_InfoLetter_11_2005.pdf
Gender Mainstreaming coordination for the development partnership space!lab (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
Pilot Project CENTROPE LABOUR (Consulting, 2004-2005) --no downloads--
Support-structure for the LMP database (Labour Market Policy Database) of Eurostat (Consulting, 2004-2006) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming in an interdisciplinary environmental research programme (Consulting, 2004-2007) --no downloads--
Supraregional Employment Strategy Vienna-Bratislava (Consulting, 2004-2006) UeBS-newsletter_1.pdfUeBS-newsletter_1.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "Evaluation and GM" (Infoletter, 2004) InfoLetter_Nr_10_2004.pdfInfoLetter_Nr_10_2004.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "Gender Budgeting 1" (Infoletter, 2004) GeM_InfoLetter_Nr_9.pdfGeM_InfoLetter_Nr_9.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter " Disability and Gender" (Infoletter, 2004) GeM-InfoLetter_Nr_8_2004.pdfGeM-InfoLetter_Nr_8_2004.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "GM during award of contract" (Infoletter, 2004) GeM-InfoLetterNr7_2004.pdfGeM-InfoLetterNr7_2004.pdf
Practical Handbook Gender Mainstreaming (Book, 2004) GeM_Praxishandbuch.pdfGeM_Praxishandbuch.pdf
GeM-ToolBox (Book, 2004) Toolbox_Gesamt.pdfToolbox_Gesamt.pdf
Experts Academies as intermediate organizations of crossborder labour market policy (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
Gender Budgeting - Guide for the Realisation of gendersensitive Budgets (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
The Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2003-2007) --no downloads--
Proposals for the Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming within the Public Administrations (Consulting, 2003) --no downloads--
The Austrian-Czech Experts Academy (Consulting, 2003-2007) --no downloads--
Office for the Small Project Funds within Interreg III A 2000 - 2006 (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
Support at setting up a streetwork project at Krems (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
Ex ante Evaluation of the Hungarian National Development Plan (Consulting, 2003) --no downloads--
Frequently Asked Questions Gender Mainstreaming (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
Ongoing evaluation of the EQUAL Project ‚Ways to Work’ (Consulting, 2003-2005) --no downloads--
Follow-Up: Consulting focusing on questions concerning the implementation of gender mainstreaming in Vienna (Consulting, 2003) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the EQUAL-project \"Telelearning for imprisoned people (TELFI)\" (Consulting, 2003-2005) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming: Development of a concept for a seminar for apprentices (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
Toolbox, manual and portal \"Third Sector\" (Consulting, 2003-2005) Handbuch_fuer_den_Dritten_Sektor.pdfHandbuch_fuer_den_Dritten_Sektor.pdf
Possibilities of promotion for businesse in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia after the accession to the EU (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
GeM-InfoLetter "Equal treatment in the EU" (Infoletter, 2003) InfoLetter_6_2003.pdfInfoLetter_6_2003.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "GM & Equal" (Infoletter, 2003) gem_InfoLetter_5_2003.pdfgem_InfoLetter_5_2003.pdf
Monitoring of the implementation of gender mainstreaming in Austria´s Territorial Employment Pacts (Consulting, 2002-2005) TEPGEM_Indikatoren.pdfTEPGEM_Indikatoren.pdf
Gender Mainstreaming in Vienna – Basics, Concept, Options (Consulting, 2002) --no downloads--
Ex-Ante Evaluation of the Maltese Rural Development Plan (RDP) (Consulting, 2002) --no downloads--
GeM-InfoLetter "TEP-GeM Platform" (Infoletter, 2002) GeM_InfoLetter_4_2002.pdfGeM_InfoLetter_4_2002.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "GM Evaluation in ESF" (Infoletter, 2002) infoletter_nr_3_2002_layout.pdfinfoletter_nr_3_2002_layout.pdf
Manual for Gender Mainstreaming in Regional Development. Introduction into Programme Planning (Book, 2002) handbuch gender mainstreaming in der regionalentwicklung.pdfhandbuch gender mainstreaming in der regionalentwicklung.pdf
Coordination Unit for the International Year of Volunteers 2001 (Consulting, 2001) --no downloads--
Women and New Technologies (Consulting, 2001-2003) Forschungsstand_IST-Analyse_ENDVERSION3.pdfForschungsstand_IST-Analyse_ENDVERSION3.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "GeM Offer" (Infoletter, 2001) GeM-InfoLetter_Nr2_2001.pdfGeM-InfoLetter_Nr2_2001.pdf
GeM-InfoLetter "GeM ToolBox" (Infoletter, 2001) GeM-Infoletter_Nr1_2001.pdfGeM-Infoletter_Nr1_2001.pdf
Development of a monitoring system for the youth project of the city of Vienna (Consulting, 2000-2001) --no downloads--
Coordination Unit for Gender Mainstreaming within the European Social Fund 2000-2007 (Consulting, 2000-2007) GEM_Erfahrungsbericht.pdfGEM_Erfahrungsbericht.pdf
The Roma Centre in "Bogdán János" - Roma Minority Community Centre in Nagykanizsa (Brochure, 2000) Expak_Roma-Broschuere_DEHU.pdfExpak_Roma-Broschuere_DEHU.pdf
Ex ante appraisal of SPD Objective 3 in Austria 2000-2006 (Consulting, 1999-2000) --no downloads--

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