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(Research, 2015) --no downloads--
(Research, 2015) --no downloads--
(Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Development of a labour market related network of cities (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
Building Capacities in the Danube Region (Development, 2015) --no downloads--
Accompanying evaluation of new employment projects for people with health impairments without the opportunity to receive invalidity pension (Research, 2015) --no downloads--
(Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
(Research, 2014) --no downloads--
(Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Feasibility study of a building academy in Albania (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
(Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
(Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Quality assessment to the designation procedure according to Regulation (EU) 1303-2013 – Article 123f (Development, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
Gender Pay Gap: New Solutions for an Old Problem Developing transnational strategies together with Trade Unions and gender Equality Units to tackle the Gender Pay Gap (Research, 2014-2015) Gender_Pay_Gap_Projektbeschreibung.pdfGender_Pay_Gap_Projektbeschreibung.pdf
Movement in gender relations? The role of men in Austria in a European comparison (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
\"Daddy\'s Month\" in Austria - Exchange of Good Practice Concerning the Role of Men in Gender Equality EU Exchange of Good Practices on Gender Equality (Research, 2014) Daddy_Month_in_Austra_Discussion_paper_fi_2014_NadjaBergmann.pdfDaddy_Month_in_Austra_Discussion_paper_fi_2014_NadjaBergmann.pdf
Men and Gender Equality – European insights (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
Secure housing in Vienna (Research, 2014-2015) --no downloads--
(Article, 2014) --no downloads--
Men as actors of a new gender equality policy? New working times - new care-models - new courses of education (Conference, 2014) Einladung_Roleofmen_23_06_2014.pdfEinladung_Roleofmen_23_06_2014.pdf
Reconciliation of work and Family (Research, 2014) --no downloads--
New forms of work in the border area of Independence - Dependence. Analysis of the situation in the construction industry (Research, 2014) Endbericht_L&R_Sozialforschung_Neue_Arbeitsformen_Grenzbereich_SB-UB_-_Bau_(6).pdfEndbericht_L&R_Sozialforschung_Neue_Arbeitsformen_Grenzbereich_SB-UB_-_Bau_(6).pdf
Evaluation of employment measures taken by the Public Employment Service Carinthia (Research, 2013-2014) --no downloads--
3 years of means-tested minimum income: implications for recipients’ re-entry into the employment market (Research, 2013-2014) Endbericht_3_Jahre_BMS_-_Auswirkung_auf_die_Wiedereingliederung_(74).pdfEndbericht_3_Jahre_BMS_-_Auswirkung_auf_die_Wiedereingliederung_(74).pdf
Study on the reconciliation of work and family (Research, 2013-2014) Vereinbarkeit_Beruf_und_Familie_EB_2014_L&R.pdfVereinbarkeit_Beruf_und_Familie_EB_2014_L&R.pdf
Baseline study: persons with disabilities in Vienna (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
National expertise for Austria within the framework of the Network of Experts in the Field of Gender Equality (ENEGE) (Network, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
Monitoring and analysis of the status quo of youth work outside schools in Vienna (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
Housing First – pilot scheme: accompanying evaluation (Research, 2012-2015) --no downloads--
Re-entry monitoring in Vienna and Austria (Research, 2012-2013) Publikation_WiMon_2006-2010_LR_Sozialforschung_endv.pdfPublikation_WiMon_2006-2010_LR_Sozialforschung_endv.pdf
Process monitoring and establishment of the ESF Programme in Austria 2014-2020 (Research, 2012-2014) --no downloads--
Effects of the introduction of needs-oriented basic subsidies on the reintegration of benefit recipients into working life (Research, 2012) EB_Evaluierung_BMS_(23).pdfEB_Evaluierung_BMS_(23).pdf
Survey on complementary care for persons with mental illnesses in Vienna (Research, 2012-2013) --no downloads--
Quality of part-time work in Austria (Lecture, 2012) --no downloads--
Far from half half: The distribution between paid and unpaid work. In: Distribution instead of gambling. Ways to distributive justice. (Article, 2012) --no downloads--
Violation of compulsory education laws (Research, 2012) --no downloads--
Monitoring of the opening of the labour market - Effects on forms of employment and wage dumping (Research, 2011-2012) Monitoring_der_Arbeitsmarktoeffnung_LR_Sozialforschung_2012_(2012-06-02).pdfMonitoring_der_Arbeitsmarktoeffnung_LR_Sozialforschung_2012_(2012-06-02).pdf
Evaluation of the Viennese Assistance Programme for the Homeless (Research, 2011-2012) PUBLIKATION_evaluierung-wohnungslosenhilfe-bf.pdfPUBLIKATION_evaluierung-wohnungslosenhilfe-bf.pdf
Labour force potential in Vienna’s social assistance benefits system (Report, 2011) EB_Erwerbspotenzial_SH_Textband.pdfEB_Erwerbspotenzial_SH_Textband.pdf
Vienna commuters study (Research, 2010-2011) Bericht_PendlerInnen_(20).pdfBericht_PendlerInnen_(20).pdf
Marginal part-time employment in Austria (Research, 2010-2011) Forschungsbericht_2011_Geringfuegige_Beschaeftigung_-_L&R_Sozialforschung_(53).pdfForschungsbericht_2011_Geringfuegige_Beschaeftigung_-_L&R_Sozialforschung_(53).pdf
Status quo of the Austrian Production Schools (Research, 2010-2011) Endericht_Produktionsschule_L&R.pdfEndericht_Produktionsschule_L&R.pdf
Poverty and social cohesion: concepts, perception of the people concerned and effects of the economic crisis (Research, 2010) Endbericht_soziale_Kohaesion_11_10.pdfEndbericht_soziale_Kohaesion_11_10.pdf
15 years of INTERREG-ETZ in Austria - Review and outlook: human resources, labour markets and migration (Research, 2010-2011) Bericht_15_Jahre_Interreg_-_HR__endversion.pdfBericht_15_Jahre_Interreg_-_HR__endversion.pdf
Socially disadvantaged people and people furthest from the labour market in the province of Burgenland (Research, 2010) Sozial_Benachteiligte_am_burgenlaendischen_AM.pdfSozial_Benachteiligte_am_burgenlaendischen_AM.pdf
Wage and social dumping through cross-border provision and deployment of temporary workers to Austria (focus: field of construction) (Research, 2010-2011) --no downloads--
Working poor in Vienna (Research, 2009-2011) Working_Poor_Web.pdfWorking_Poor_Web.pdf
Hungarian cross-border commuters in Austria (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the 2007-2009 employment campaign (Research, 2009-2010) --no downloads--
Financial biographies. The issue of distribution of wealth from a social scientific perspective (Research, 2009) Endbericht_Biografie_des_Geldes.pdfEndbericht_Biografie_des_Geldes.pdf
Analysis of matching processes within the scope of the study Location factor qualification - Vienna (Research, 2008) --no downloads--
Evaluation of the \"Voluntary Year of Service\" (Research, 2008) --no downloads--
Gender expert report for the project \'The changing face of disability\' (Consulting, 2008-2009) --no downloads--
EUREGIOsocial - An overview of the situation in the social sector, the care sector and the health care sector in the Weinviertel - Southern Moravia region (Report, 2007) EB_euregiosocial__Endversion_RM_.pdfEB_euregiosocial__Endversion_RM_.pdf
Atypical employment relationships and volume of work in Carinthia (Research, 2007-2008) Kurzfassung_L&R_AtypArbKtn.pdfKurzfassung_L&R_AtypArbKtn.pdf
Migrants in Vienna´s employment market (Research, 2007-2008) --no downloads--
Employment careers of apprentices in Vienna by branches (Report, 2007) --no downloads--
Ethnic Businesses in Vienna (Report, 2007) Kurzfassung_EB_LR_Sozialforschung_Ethnische_Oekonomien_(V2).pdfKurzfassung_EB_LR_Sozialforschung_Ethnische_Oekonomien_(V2).pdf
The introduction of the child care benefit in Austria. Catches and opportunities (Lecture, 2007) Praesentation_KBG_(7).pdfPraesentation_KBG_(7).pdf
Study on the social situation of artists in Austria (Research, 2007-2008) KURZFASSUNG_studie_soziale_lage_kunstschaffende.pdfKURZFASSUNG_studie_soziale_lage_kunstschaffende.pdf
Situation report on the Gender Wage Gap in Vienna (Research, 2007-2008) Kurzfassung_Einkommensunterschiede_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdfKurzfassung_Einkommensunterschiede_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdf
Evaluation of the Salzburg assistance services (Report, 2006-2007) --no downloads--
New self-employed in Vienna. Employment trend, occupational data and support requirements. (Report, 2006) EB_L&R_Sozialforschung_Neue_Selbststaendige_Wien_(15).pdfEB_L&R_Sozialforschung_Neue_Selbststaendige_Wien_(15).pdf
Evaluation of the introduction of child care benefits (Report, 2006) Endbericht_Eval_KBG_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdfEndbericht_Eval_KBG_L&R_Sozialforschung.pdf
Study: Temporary Agency Work in Austria (Research, 2006-2007) --no downloads--
Satisfaction, income situation and job-perspectives of new forms of work in Vienna (Report, 2006) Neue_Erwerbsformen_Wien_Endbericht_(32)_BAND_1.pdfNeue_Erwerbsformen_Wien_Endbericht_(32)_BAND_1.pdf
The third sector as labour market policy player - Status quo and challenges from the supra-regional perspective (Report, 2005) Der_Dritte_Sektor.pdfDer_Dritte_Sektor.pdf
Social Exclusion: Definition, Measurement, Reality (Lecture, 2005) soz_ausgrenzung.pdfsoz_ausgrenzung.pdf
Increasing the employment of women through flexible work arrangements. Oslo, 26.-27. May 2005 (Lecture, 2005) --no downloads--
The moralisation of risk? The good ones in the potty, the bad ones in the employment simulation? What does a second labour market accomplish? (Lecture, 2005) riesenfelder_beitr.pdfriesenfelder_beitr.pdf
Support with the implementation of the Gender Mainstreaming strategy in the equal partnership Pro-Fit Lower Austria (Consulting, 2005-2007) --no downloads--
New Self-employed in Austria (Report, 2005) EB_Neue_Selbstaendige_L&R_Social_Research_Feb_2005.pdfEB_Neue_Selbstaendige_L&R_Social_Research_Feb_2005.pdf
Quality criterias for part time employment - a contradiction in itself? (Book, 2005) --no downloads--
"The participation was useful in any case." Results of the evaluation of the project TELFI (Book, 2005) --no downloads--
Non Standard Employment: Temporary Agency Work and New Self-employed (Report, 2005) --no downloads--
Youth Unemployment and Danger of Poverty (Book, 2005) --no downloads--
Too little to live on (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
New Worlds of Labour - Contingent Employment (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Gender Mainstreaming in the Public Employment Service, Copenhagen, October 25-26, 2004 (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Part time employment in Austria (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Stigma and anti-stigmatization from sociopoliticfal viewpoint (Lecture, 2004) Stigma_und_Entstigmatisierung.pdfStigma_und_Entstigmatisierung.pdf
Quality Standards for Part-time Employment? Findings of a Study in Austria (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Analysis of Social Legislation: Paragraphs 500 ff of the General Social Insurance Act (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
Quality of part time employment in Austria (Lecture, 2004) --no downloads--
Social Economy - An Introductory Discussion (Book, 2004) --no downloads--
Practice of tendering within the scope of the Austrian social economy (Report, 2004) vergabepraxis.pdfvergabepraxis.pdf
International Experience in the Field of Sub-national Labour Market and Social Policy: Potentials, Problems and the Role of the Third Sector (Report, 2004) Dezentrale_Arbeitsmarkt-Sozialpolitik_im_int._Vgl.pdfDezentrale_Arbeitsmarkt-Sozialpolitik_im_int._Vgl.pdf
Office for the Small Project Funds within Interreg III A 2000 - 2006 (Consulting, 2003-2004) --no downloads--
Toolbox, manual and portal \"Third Sector\" (Consulting, 2003-2005) Handbuch_fuer_den_Dritten_Sektor.pdfHandbuch_fuer_den_Dritten_Sektor.pdf
Literature in March: Rich or Poor (Lecture, 2003) --no downloads--
Older people on the labour market (Lecture, 2003) --no downloads--
Atypical Work: Marginal Part Time Employment and Contract Freelancers (Lecture, 2003) Referat_L&R_Atyp_Arbeit_Armutskonferenz_2003.pdfReferat_L&R_Atyp_Arbeit_Armutskonferenz_2003.pdf
Evaluation of the European Social Fund 2000-2006 Objective 3. Austria (Report, 2003) --no downloads--
Transnational Network within the EQUAL development partnership \"Third Sector Vienna\" (Network, 2002-2005) Infomappe_EP_Dritter_Sektor_in_Wien.pdfInfomappe_EP_Dritter_Sektor_in_Wien.pdf
Atypical labour relations, part-time employment and freelancing (Report, 2002) atyparbeit_endbericht_02_01_09.pdfatyparbeit_endbericht_02_01_09.pdf
Coordination Unit for the International Year of Volunteers 2001 (Consulting, 2001) --no downloads--
Public Opinion Analysis 2001 for the Organisation 'Save the Children' (Report, 2001) --no downloads--
Survey for the Government’s report on the reduction of disadvantages for women – 1999 – 2000 (Report, 2001) endbericht_frauenbericht_august_2001.pdfendbericht_frauenbericht_august_2001.pdf
Coordination Unit for Gender Mainstreaming within the European Social Fund 2000-2007 (Consulting, 2000-2007) GEM_Erfahrungsbericht.pdfGEM_Erfahrungsbericht.pdf
The Roma Centre in "Bogdán János" - Roma Minority Community Centre in Nagykanizsa (Brochure, 2000) Expak_Roma-Broschuere_DEHU.pdfExpak_Roma-Broschuere_DEHU.pdf
Analysis of the Number of Employees of Enterprises supported by the Special Integration Subsidy (Report, 2000) Endbericht_BESEB_Transitionsanalysen.pdfEndbericht_BESEB_Transitionsanalysen.pdf
Basic income and gender ratio (Report, 2000) Grundeinkommen_und_Geschlechterverhaeltnis_LR.pdfGrundeinkommen_und_Geschlechterverhaeltnis_LR.pdf
Evaluation of Social and Labour-Market Policy Measures in the “Integrationshaus”/House of Integration in Vienna (Report, 1999) --no downloads--
Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities on the Labor Market: The Austrian Case (Article, 1999) --no downloads--
Structures of Social Partnership in Austria (Report, 1998) --no downloads--
The Social Structure of Students: Development and Present Situation since the Opening of the Universities (Book, 1998) --no downloads--
Cuts in Unemployment Payments—Promotion of Placement by Means of Sanctions: Article 10 of the Austrian Unemployment Insurance Act (AlVG) in Practical Use (Report, 1997) --no downloads--
Task of Public Institutions in a Context of Vocational Re-integration of Released Delinquents (Book, 1997) --no downloads--
The Integration of Disadvantaged Groups on the Labour Market. Trends in Austria (Article, 1996) --no downloads--
Social Security Provision for Prostitutes (Book, 1996) --no downloads--
Debtors’ Advice in Austria (Book, 1995) --no downloads--
The Social Structure of Students: Development and Actual Situation since the Opening of the Universities (Report, 1994) --no downloads--
Debt Counselling Centre at the Labour-Market Administration: Efficiency and Effect (Report, 1993) --no downloads--
Labour-Market Administration and Social Partnership (Book, 1993) --no downloads--
The Computerized Hospital (Book, 1991) --no downloads--
Sociopolitical Aspects of Labor-Market Policy (Article, 1988) --no downloads--
People between Stationary and Ambulatory Treatment: Communal Seniors’ Care in the Community of Vienna (Book, 1988) --no downloads--
Poverty Administered by Communal Social Policy, as Seen by the Example of Social Assistance in the Community of Vienna (Book, 1988) --no downloads--
The Scapegoat Phenomenon (Article, 1985) --no downloads--
An Unconventional Employment and Housing Initiative (Book, 1984) --no downloads--

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