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The Austrian-Czech Expert Academy (Consulting, 2009-2012)

The Austrian-Czech Expert Academy (EXPAK AT.CZ) is a cross-border cooperation project which develops regionally adjusted packages of measures.

The Vienna institute L&R Social Research ( is lead partner of EXPAK AT.CZ. The Czech partner institution is the Brno Chamber of Commerce.

In terms of strategic and content-related matters, EXPAK AT.CZ is supported by the Lower Austria and Vienna branch offices of the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) and the Czech employment offices in the regions South Moravia, South Bohemia and Vysočina.

The EXPAK AT.CZ project receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the programme on cross-border cooperation between Austria and the Czech Republic 2007-2013. The Austrian national co-financing funds are provided by the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.

The central aims of the Expert Academy include:

The activities of the EXPAK AT.CZ focus on the following fields of action:



All reports, studies, concepts, documentation, planning documents as well as information on events organised by EXPAK AT.CZ are published on All information and documentation is available in German and Czech.

Additionally, we release an electronic newsletter with information on current events of the Austrian-Czech Expert Academy on a regular basis. If you wish to be included in the EXPAK AT.CZ newsletter distribution list, please send an email to:

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Team: Eva Horak, Walter Reiter, Barbara Willsberger

Status: finished


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