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The Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy (Consulting, 2003-2007)

Client: The Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy ( was financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Labour of the Republic auf Austria.

Agenda: The Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy is a programme which promotes cross-border cooperation in the field of labour market and employment policy. The information, discussions and networking opportunities facilitated by this programme are aimed at actors, organisations and authorities in western Hungary and eastern Austria. 

The principal objectives of the Expert Academy are as follows:

The activities of the Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy focus on the following fields of action:

Forms of cooperation:

Seminars (2007):

Conferences (selection):



On you will find a detailed overview of the activities and events of the Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy. Event agendas and documentation as well as publications are provided for download.

Additionally, we release an electronic newsletter on a regular basis with information on current events of the Austro-Hungarian Expert Academy. If you wish to be included in the Expak newsletter distribution list, please send an e-mail to

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Team: Thomas Eglseer, Ferdinand Lechner, Katrin Leodolter, Walter Reiter, Andreas Riesenfelder, Petra Wetzel, Barbara Willsberger

Status: finished


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