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Lechner, Reiter & Riesenfelder
Sozialforschung OG, Wien

Qualitative analysis in connection with employment careers of trainees in Vienna (Research, 2008)

The results of the study "Employment careers of trainees in Vienna" not only verified large differences in the vocational development after training, but also indicated a massive change of employment relationship and trade after termination of the trainee relationship. Furthermore these results differed significantly when it came to the different scholastic professions and social characteristics.

The process of changement of employment relationships is not problematic or precarious per se, even though the statistical analyses proved that the change of employment relationships is often followed by a suboptimal following employment career. Similar has been experienced for changements concerning trades, whereby in some cases (for example the change from the hairdresser to the construction industry or to the hotel and restaurant industry) the room for interpretation is not very significant. Therefore generally in above mentioned cases, one can assume that the qualifications which were acquired during initial training cannot be implemented adequately anymore; in the long run such cases can lead to suboptimal income devel-opments and fragmented employment careers. Still one should avoid generalisations which always define such change processes as problematic. Of course it can also be the case that the changement of an employment relationship is based on a mutual agreement and is thought as a creative problem solution. On this note problematic elements as well as newly created chances were considered likewise. 

In the scope of this study the extensive results of the longitudinal data evaluation at hand shall be complemented with topical analyses. It is planned to carry out cause and motive analyses with regard to a qualitative basis, in order to be able to better review the longitudinal analysis.

Team: Ferdinand Lechner, Andreas Riesenfelder, Petra Wetzel, Susanne Schmatz

Client: Chamber of Labour Vienna

Status: finished


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