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Lechner, Reiter & Riesenfelder
Sozialforschung OG, Wien

Mismatch unemployment in Upper Austria (Research, 2007)

The study was compiled in co-operation between L&R Social Research and the research group equi at the Institute for Higher Studies and Research. The study examined in detail unemployment factors in Upper Austria caused by mismatch. The analysis was thereby based on three approaches. In a first step, so-called mismatch indicators were developed using econometric methods. In a second step, unemployed persons were interviewed face-to-face and requested to assess the factors causing their unemployment episodes. The findings of the first and second steps were finally contrasted with the experiences of companies (telephone interviews) not able to fill a vacancy for a longer period. The objective of the study was to use the three analysis results to gain deeper insight into the causes and effect interactions of unemployment caused by mismatch factors.

Team: Peter Prenner, Andrea Leitner, Elfriede Wagner

Client: Chamber of Labour Upper Austria

Status: finished



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