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Lechner, Reiter & Riesenfelder
Sozialforschung OG, Wien

Experts Academies as intermediate organizations of crossborder labour market policy (Book, 2004)

in: Kontraste, Nr. 6, Juli 2004
Pages: 28

Team: Walter Reiter

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour

Status: finished

Other activities in this project:

Labour market conferences of the Expert Academy (Conference, 2003-2007)
Corporate strategies and cross-border regional integration (Report, 2005)
Equal opportunities?! The situation of women in the Austro-Hungarian border region (Report, 2005)
The third sector as labour market policy player - Status quo and challenges from the supra-regional perspective (Report, 2005)
The Roma Centre in "Bogdán János" - Roma Minority Community Centre in Nagykanizsa (Brochure, 2000)


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